Frozen banana 😍

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Starting Saturday the healthy way! Vanilla oatmeal with flax seeds, coconut, frozen berries, banana, and coconut peanut butter!

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How do I stop wanting to save most of my calories until later at night? Like I don't eat enough throughout the day so I can eat more later..I hate it but it's addicting

hi hun! first of all, you need to listen to your body. are you really hungry? if yes, eat the healthier food you have in your house. If you don’t want to eat that much later at night, eat frequently throughout the day so you’ll feel full. and that you can avoid late night snacking. i know it’s addicting, i just ate 2 toast w/pb and a larabar at 10pm so I can’t really say something against it. i’ve been to the bathroom 3x already after eating in bj’s and my stomach is so empty and i need some fuel to do homeworks.

always remember to eat enough and nutrient dense foods. calories are just numbers, unless you’re eating mostly fruits & veggies, then you need to keep track to make sure you’re eating enough. and if ever you eat, eat before an hour or two before you go to bed so the food will be digested. drink lots of water. xx


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Cookie Monster making gains with IIFYM

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Why didn’t I ever think of this